Company Profile

Infrastructure Options (Pty)Ltd, established in November 2012 and based in Johannesburg:

  • has nationally and internationally recognised in-house specialist experience in: -
    • infrastructure procurement and delivery management
    • the development and implementation of construction procurement systems including targeted procurement procedures
    • the development and implementation of supply chain management systems for the delivery and maintenance of infrastructure
    • procurement, contracting and targeting strategies¬†
    • labour intensive construction methods, labour based technologies and community based construction systems
    • the drafting of technical regulations and international, national and bespoke standards
    • the development and standardisation of construction procurement documents
    • aspects of construction industry development
    • the delivery of infrastructure
    • the implementation of South African National Building Regulations and the National Home Builders Registration Council's Technical Requirements;
  • is able to provide expert presentations and workshops on many aspects of construction procurement and delivery management including various forms of contract

Infrastructure Options specialises in exposing clients to the available procurement and delivery management options and enabling them to make informed choices to improve outcomes in the delivery of their infrastructure

Dr Ron Watermeyer, the founder of Infrastructure Options, is a recognised international authority in the procurement and delivery management of infrastructure

Infrastructure Options has a network of specialist consultants who are able to support and enhance the services that the company provides.

Company Profile